Acid Sulfate Soil Risk Map 50K (DER-005)

Data showing the risk of Potential Acid Sulfate Soil (PASS) materials that may be disturbed by land development activities based on the likelihood of PASS materials occurring within 3m of the ground surface. This data is for use by planners to assess whether development applications for specific sites require additional conditions on the basis of whether normal land development activities carry a risk of disturbing PASS materials. The depth of 3m is considered since this was regarded as the depth that most soil disturbance activities would extend in most land development processes. Disturbance activities in this context include drainage, excavations and dewatering. This is a composite risk map combining the Lower South West, Swan Coastal Plain, Albany Torbay and Geraldton risk maps captured at a scale of 1:50,000. For further information phone the Contaminated Sites hotline 1300 762 982.

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Data Homepage https://services.slip.wa.gov.au/arcgis/rest/services/DER_Restricted_Services/DER_Restricted_Services/MapServer/2
Author Scott Jenkinson
Maintainer Contaminated Sites Branch
Theme Environment
Geospatial Theme Geology and Soils
Published on 2016-01-28
Data last updated on 2014-09-22
Update Frequency infrequently
Temporal coverage from 2006-05-24
Temporal coverage to 2006-08-07
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