Daily Traffic Data API

Network operations traffic data from Main Roads Western Australia from 01 January 2013. The data from this API includes data collected on the Perth Metropolitan State Road Network (PMSRN) at 15 minute intervals. 
 The network operations traffic data provided here is of variable quality and has not been checked, quality assured or manually corrected. An automated process is used to patch over missing or suspect data with the most representative data available within the database. Patches may be reapplied as new data becomes available and patched data may change over time. 
 Note that you are accessing this data pursuant to a Creative Commons (Attribution) Licence which has a disclaimer of warranties and limitation of liability. You accept that the data provided pursuant to the Licence is subject to changes. 
Pursuant to section 3 of the Licence you are provided with the following notice to be included when you Share the Licenced Material:- “The Commissioner of Main Roads is the creator and owner of the data and Licenced Material, which is accessed pursuant to a Creative Commons (Attribution) Licence, which has a disclaimer of warranties and limitation of liability.” 
Instructions and documentation for using this API: Links Reporting Links: publicirisservices.mainroads.wa.gov.au/RoadNetworkPerformanceService/api/ReportingLinks Link Data: publicirisservices.mainroads.wa.gov.au/RoadNetworkPerformanceService/api/LinkData?linkdatadate=2017-9-1

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Data Portal http://portal-mainroads.opendata.arcgis.com/datasets/ed270d2c2ef649ac99172d14879283fd
Data Homepage http://mainroads.maps.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=b6e8822363344c6bb2ee906cfbfd2bef#overview
Author Main Roads WA
Maintainer Main Roads WA
Theme Transport
Geospatial Theme
Published on 2017-12-01
Data last updated on 2017-12-07
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