Heritage Inventory Central Perth Redevelopment Area (MRA-001)

The Central Perth Heritage Inventory (HI) comprises a list of heritage places that are of cultural heritage significance to both local and State communities. The places listed in the HI are supported by a ‘thematic history’, which identifies the history, stories and events that have shaped Central Perth and are represented in the built environment. The thematic history is important as it informs the assessment of significance of the places.

The Redevelopment Area is rich architecturally and historically in significant industrial and commercial places as well as cultural institutions and residential development that reflect the local historical timeline. A key objective of the HI is to recognise and protect such cultural heritage, from iconic areas such as the State Heritage Listed William Street Precinct and the East Perth Power Station, as well as many buildings in Northbridge and across the City that represent local heritage and illustrate the development of Perth as a city.

The methodology adopted for the preparation of the HI is based on the methodology set out in the State Heritage Office Basic Principles for Local Government Inventories 2012 and the Criteria for the Assessment of Local Heritage Places and Areas 2012. These guidelines have been adapted to ensure that this study is consistent with MRA’s HI provisions. The essential principles and philosophy of the Australian ICOMOS Burra Charter 2013 are also drawn upon in the determination of heritage values and management categories.

In accordance with the standard methodology for the preparation of HI’s, physical surveys of places within the study area were conducted from the street only and did not include examinations of interior spaces. However, this study was enriched by the extensive physical evidence contained in the previous work, which included written accounts of the internal and external physical surveys that had been undertaken by qualified heritage professionals and detailed documentary evidence prepared by specialist historians.

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