Land Tenure (LGATE-226)

Consolidating Land Tenure and Strata Tenure into a single SLIP layer, this dataset contains information about the ownership and vesting of freehold and Crown land in Western Australia. This layer also contains strata property details along with full property street address information in Australian Standard (AS4590) and text string formats. The data contained within this layer is sourced from Western Australia's digital Land Registry and the authoritative property street address dataset maintained by Landgate.

NOTE: This product is for information purposes only and is not guaranteed. The information may be out of date and should not be relied upon without further verification from the original documents. Where the information is being used for legal purposes then the original documents must be searched for all legal requirements.

Key information and attributes

Land ownership details, certificate of title number, property street address, land parcel identifier (lot on survey), area, document number and type, land type (eg reserve, vacant, freehold, leasehold, easement), survey details, easement and interests.

Geometry type: polygon

Update cycle: daily

Coverage: whole of state

Accuracy: This service should not be used for legal purposes. For all legal requirements, please refer to imaged original documents held by Landgate.

© Western Australian Land Information Authority (Landgate). Use of Landgate data is subject to Personal Use License terms and conditions unless otherwise authorised under approved License terms and conditions.

For further information, please contact your Landgate Service Manager or email BusinessSolutions@landgate.wa.gov.au.

Access & Use Information
Fees Apply
This dataset is available for use subject to payment
Data Access Statement

Accessible via Landgate SLIP Subscription license terms

Data and Resources

Additional Info

Field Value
Data Portal https://services.slip.wa.gov.au/arcgis/rest/services/Landgate_v2_Subscription_Services
Data Homepage https://services.slip.wa.gov.au/arcgis/rest/services/Landgate_v2_Subscription_Services/Tenure/MapServer/0
Author Landgate
Maintainer Landgate
Theme Governance
Geospatial Theme Property and Planning
Published on 2018-04-20
Data last updated on 2020-07-10
Update Frequency daily
Temporal coverage from
Temporal coverage to
Digital Object Identifier
Geospatial Source Projection
Dataset Coverage

Dataset extent

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