Public Housing Tenancies: Seniors and Disability

This spreadsheet is based on an extract of all WA Public Housing tenancies as at April 1st 2016

"Disabled" is defined as one or more recipients in the household being in receipt of a Disability Support Pension.
or The household is marked as "Disabled" for the purposes of housing. This is defined by the question: "Does any member of your household have a disability which impacts on their housing needs? [yes/no]*

Seniors are defined as any tenancy where one or more tenants are over the age of 55 years. Other households are made up of newstart, parenting payment and other households on benefits (who are not disabled or seniors)

Two adults, bonded by marriage or partnership A family is any adult/child combination and any multiple family groups. A couple or single where one or more of the household members is over the age of 55 years A person living alone under the age of 55 years

An area as defined by the State Suburbs (SSC) geography defined by the Australian Standard Geographical Standard (2011)

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