Reserves (LGATE-227)

This dataset is a digital representation of lands set aside as Crown Reserve within the State of Western Australia. The SLIP Crown Reserve dataset contains current Crown Reserves only, as sourced from NLR Reserves database, and is a subset of the full Crown Reserves report that is otherwise provided by Landgate in CSV format. The reserves data has been spatially enabled by linking the reserve data to the corresponding cadastral land parcel to enable spatial web service publication via SLIP.

It includes information pertaining to:

• Reserve number, name and classification

• Vesting and management orders

• Approved reserve use

• Responsible agency

• Relevant searching details such as gazettal date and page, administration file/record

• Attribute values than enable integration with Landgate Tenure and Cadastre datasets

Information not contained within this dataset:

• Information pertaining to cancelled reserves

• Full historical text information.

This data contains current reserves only; you can obtain a cancelled reserve report by contacting the Business Sales and Service team on +61 (0)9273 7683 or email salesandservice@landgate.wa.au.

All data contained within the Reserve subscription service is sourced from Landgate and updated daily.

This product is for information purposes only and is not guaranteed. The information may be out of date and should not be relied upon without further verification from the original documents. Where the information is being used for legal purposes then the original documents must be searched for all legal requirements.

© Western Australian Land Information Authority (Landgate). Use of Landgate data is subject to Personal Use License terms and conditions unless otherwise authorised under approved License terms and conditions.

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Field Value
Data Portal https://services.slip.wa.gov.au/arcgis/rest/services/Landgate_v2_Subscription_Services
Data Homepage https://services.slip.wa.gov.au/arcgis/rest/services/Landgate_v2_Subscription_Services/Crown_Reserves/MapServer/0
Author Todd harris
Maintainer Landgate
Theme Civic Infrastructure
Geospatial Theme Property and Planning
Published on 2018-04-20
Data last updated on 2020-05-27
Update Frequency daily
Temporal coverage from
Temporal coverage to
Digital Object Identifier
Geospatial Source Projection EPSG: 4283 (GDA94)
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