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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
Operation Id numeric
Trip Id numeric
Reef Name text
Site Id numeric
Facies text
Transect Uvcs text
Lat numeric
Lon numeric
Oyear numeric
Omonth numeric
Trip Name timestamp
Rugosity text
Rugosity Est text
Tot Dots Count numeric
Abiotic numeric
Acanthastrea numeric
Acanthophora numeric
Acropora numeric
Alcyoniidae Family numeric
Algae Other numeric
Alveopora numeric
Asparagopsis numeric
Asterospicularia numeric
Astreopora numeric
Briareum numeric
Brown Macroalgae numeric
Capnella numeric
Caulastrea numeric
Caulerpa numeric
Ceratodictyon numeric
Chlorodesmis numeric
Cladiella numeric
Coeloseris numeric
Coralline Algae numeric
Coscinaraea numeric
Cyphastrea numeric
Dead Coral numeric
Dictyopteris numeric
Dictyota numeric
Diploastrea numeric
Echinophyllia numeric
Echinopora numeric
Ecklonia numeric
Erythropodium numeric
Family Siderasteidae numeric
Family Xeniidae numeric
Favia numeric
Favid Spp numeric
Favites numeric
Fungia numeric
Fungiidae Family numeric
Galaxea numeric
Gardineroseris numeric
Goniastrea numeric
Goniopora numeric
Green Macroalgae numeric
Halimeda numeric
Halophila numeric
Heliopora numeric
Hydnophora numeric
Hypnea numeric
Indeterminate numeric
Isopora numeric
Jania numeric
Klyxum numeric
Klyxum Alcyonium And Cladiella numeric
Laurencia numeric
Leptastrea numeric
Leptoria numeric
Leptoseris numeric
Lobophora numeric
Lobophyllia numeric
Lobophytum numeric
Macroalgae numeric
Merulina numeric
Millepora numeric
Montastrea numeric
Montipora numeric
Mycedium numeric
Nephthea numeric
Nonacropora numeric
Other numeric
Oulophyllia numeric
Pachyclavularia numeric
Pachyseris numeric
Padina numeric
Pavona numeric
Pectinia numeric
Penicillus numeric
Peyssonnelia numeric
Platygyra numeric
Plerogyra numeric
Plesiastrea numeric
Plocamium numeric
Pocillopora numeric
Podabacia numeric
Porites numeric
Psammocora numeric
Pterocladia numeric
Red Macroalgae numeric
Rhodopeltis numeric
Rumphella numeric
Sarcophyton numeric
Sargassum numeric
Scolymia numeric
Seagrass numeric
Seriatopora numeric
Sinularia numeric
Soft Coral numeric
Spatoglossum numeric
Sponge numeric
Stylophora numeric
Stypopodium numeric
Symphyllia numeric
Turbinaria numeric
Turf Algae numeric
Ulva numeric
Xenia numeric

Additional Information

Field Value
Data last updated 4 March 2016
Created unknown
Format CSV
License No License Provided
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