Threatened and Priority Flora (DBCA-036)

This database describes threatened (declared rare) and priority flora populations for all land tenures, within the State of Western Australia.The database is provided for management purposes. Information topics include taxon identification, location, tenure, habitat,population size, biology (reproductive state, pollination etc) and selected management requirements. Declared rare flora are published in the state government gazette as being rare, threatened or otherwise in need of special protection.

Please note that the data custodians have requested that the view only be visible at scales smaller than 1:200, 000. At scales larger than 1:200, 000, the data will not display - this is to prevent users from zooming in and being able to identify land parcels where a threatened species may exist - this view has been placed on SLIP as a WMS service only to provide an indicator of where a threatened species may be found. If further information is required, the Species and Communities Branch should be contacted via: flora.data@dbca.wa.gov.au

Please also see the following webpage published by the Species and Communities Branch, which provides further information and contact details for all threatened species data and associated data searches/requests. http://www.dpaw.wa.gov.au/plants-and-animals/threatened-species-and-communities/

Please note that search results can take up to 10 working days to complete.

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Data Homepage https://services.slip.wa.gov.au/public/rest/services/SLIP_Public_Services/Environment/MapServer/21
Author Coordinator - Threatened Flora
Maintainer Species and Communities Branch - Dept. Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions
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Geospatial Theme Environment
Published on 2017-10-10
Data last updated on 2020-05-06
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