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  • Geolocation index for WA townsite plans - AU WA S2168

    Geolocation and other data for townsite plans transcribed from "Cancelled public plans" and related plans of Western Australia 1865 - 1987. An inventory and catalogue edited by...
  • 2014/2015 Capture Program Submission Summary

    This dataset has no description

  • Early Townsite of Ravensthorpe 1900

    AU WA S235- cons3868 370 Ravensthorpe 211. Plan of Ravensthorpe Townsite (Phillips River Goldfield) showing Lots 1-157 and Lots 382-429 [scale: 2 chains to an inch]. Further...
  • Fremantle Town Plan 1833

    AU WA S235- cons3868 109 Fremantle 19. Part of Fremantle showing some additional allotments shaded blue which are submitted by the Surveyor General for approval of the...
  • Perth Townsite 1845

    AU WA S235- 296 Perth 18E. Plan of Perth Townsite showing Lots & Streets between Melbourne Street, Trafalgar Road & Causeway - position of Lakes Henderson, Irwin...
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