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  • WA Theme Parks

    A collection of WA's iconic theme parks from the 1980s. Many of these sites are still around today, but are either bigger, laying in ruins or modified versions of their former...
  • Historical index to government entities

    Listing of government entities identified in the State archives collection
  • Geolocation index for WA townsite plans - AU WA S2168

    Geolocation and other data for townsite plans transcribed from "Cancelled public plans" and related plans of Western Australia 1865 - 1987. An inventory and catalogue edited by...
  • Indexes

    Images of index plans for cancelled public plans, 1900 and 1949. Shows boundaries for cancelled public plans in SROWA series S979 -...
  • Woodleigh Markers 1965.img

    This dataset has no description

  • Tanais_Wreck_1965.img

    This dataset has no description

  • Readymix_1967.img

    This dataset has no description

  • Alkimos Ship Wreck 1963.img

    This dataset has no description

  • Interesting Historical Photography Locations

    Dating from 1948, the photos provide an accurate historical record of the land, and form an important part of Western Australia's spatial information. Here are some interesting...
  • WABI subset: York

    1859 York district Census. Entry is by name of person, Place of occupation, age, religion, occupation, literacy, arrival ship and date. Details of marriage, wife and children...
  • WA Public Libraries

    Information about WA public libraries including: name, street and postal address, phone number, latitude, longitude and elevation from sea level.
  • WABI subset: Police

    This index was compiled by Miss Mollie Bentley from various records she has used relating to the police. These include: Almanac listings, Colonial Secretary's Office Records,...
  • Western Australian Biographical Index (WABI)

    The Western Australian Biographical Index (WABI) is a highly used resource at the State Library of Western Australia. A recent generous contribution by the Friends of Battye...
  • Adopt a Soldier

    A collection of more than 700 photographs of World War I soldiers was digitised in 1999 as part of the Adopt-A-Soldier project. We're delighted to announce that this set was...
  • Digital Photographic Collection

    50,000 digital photographs in which copyright has expired with bibliographic data and links to persistent URL of the digital image from the State Library of Western Australia...
  • Newspaper Titles at State Library of WA

    Nearly 900 Western Australian newspaper titles are held by the State Library. These range from the manuscript newspapers of the early 1830s up to currently published titles....
  • Krantz & Sheldon Architectural images

    Bibliographic data and links to persistent URL of digital object for the Krantz & Sheldon Architectural images. Approximately 1000.
  • WWI Centenary Project

    To mark the centenary of World War I, the State Library is in the process of digitising material relating to this conflict. Items include photographs, books, letters, diaries,...
  • In Memoriam Cards

    Collection of "In Memoriam" cards with photographs of West Australians killed during the First World War, with brief biographical notes.
  • Bird songs online

    John Hutchinson was an ornithologist and a birdcall recordist. This dataset includes all the bibliographic records for the digitised and available online bird song recordings in...
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