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Government and Innovators unite to solve validated agricultural problems

Please note some downloads to data on will require you to register a free account

CHALLENGE 1 - Grading grain at the farm gate

CHALLENGE 2 - Where did my lamb chop come from?

CHALLENGE 3 - Monitoring the rangelands

CHALLENGE 4 - Connected sheep

CHALLENGE 5 - Identifying and predicting pests to protect WA

CHALLENGE 6 - Whose grain is that?

CHALLENGE 7 - What to grow and when

CHALLENGE 8 - Making sense of agricultural data

Useful general data links


Accessing the AgHack S3 Bucket (Rangelands & Agricultural Data Challenges)

For browsing individual file access, use the directory listing provided by:

To access and download data en masse:

1) Install the AWS CLI and then run:

mkdir aghack

aws s3 sync s3://aghack aghack --no-sign-request

Warning: This will download everything in the bucket - ~45GB of data. Make sure you've got the space to spare.

2) Use a desktop GUI like Cyberduck, FileZilla, or S3 Browser