Curtin Cultural Makathon

Hi there hacker, maker, and creative-types,

We've pulled together a great range of resources and datasets of cultural and historical datasets from across WA Government for you to use in your project or proposal.

Key resources

  • Our Hackathon Toolkit - a collection of resources, tips, and examples to help you to get started using data from

Where's the data?

Highlighted Datasets and Collections

State Library of Western Australia's collection of datasets from bird songs to World War I records and 50,000 historic photographs.

Shipwrecks from the Western Australian Museum.

State Heritage Register recognises a place's value and importance to Western Australia. It includes buildings, structures, gardens, cemeteries, landscapes and archaeological sites and has more than 1,300 places listed in it.

Historical Maps of Western Australia. A collection of historical maps of Western Australia from the State Records Offfice.

WA Theme Parks. A collection of WA's iconic theme parks from the 1980s. Many of these sites are still around today, but are either bigger, laying in ruins or modified versions of their former lives.

Historical Photography of Western Australia. Dating from 1948, the photos provide an accurate historical record of the land, and form an important part of Western Australia's spatial information. Here are some interesting examples captured and archived by Landgate.