Fundamental Land Information

Landgate is beginning to make data defined as Fundamental Land Information under the Land Information Authority Regulations 2007 more easily available for reuse by the community.

For a list of data currently available, search ‘fundamental’ @ or click the "Datasets" tab on this page.

FLI datasets list on

Use of Fundamental Land Information published to is subject to the conditions of a Personal Use Agreement.

More data will be made available in the near future through Spur, a new location and innovation hub launched by Landgate in April 2016. For news and updates on data just check in @


We would love to hear about how you plan to use these fundamental land information datasets, or other datasets you would be keen to see released. Collecting use cases for data is a key part of sustaining and making open data viable, as well as an important channel for feedback on data quality and completeness.

To get in touch with us, or for more information, contact us at

Data Access

To access the data as a direct download, simply create a free account when prompted to login.

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Note: At this stage new accounts must be linked to a Google account via the "Sign in with Google" option. Registration of standalone accounts will be available shortly.