Adopt a Soldier photographs (csv)

A collection of more than 700 photographs of World War I soldiers was digitised in 1999 as part of the Adopt-A-Soldier project.

The CSV contains limited bibliographic data from this collection including title of image; subject; description of resource and a link to the image on the SLWA website.

Tools used to create this dataset:

MarcEdit AACR2 - Anglo American Cataloguing Rules RDA - Resource Description and Access LCSH - Library of Congress Subject Headings

Open - This dataset is available for use by everyone

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컬럼 타입 라벨 설명
Record number text
Call number text
Title text
Published text
Description text
Note text
Summary text
Reproduction note text
biographical or historical note text
Ownership and custodial history text
Subject - name text
Subject - topical text
Link text

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마지막 업데이트 7월 25, 2016
생성됨 7월 25, 2016
포맷 CSV
라이센스 Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
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