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Western Australian Marine Science Institution

The Western Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI) is a leading Australian marine research organisation.

Its structure is like no other because it is a collaboration of State, Federal, industry and academic entities cooperating to create benchmark research and independent, quality scientific information.

It carries out research into climate change, biodiversity, the iconic Ningaloo Marine Park, sustainable fisheries, biotechnology and oceanography, and has overseen the development of a marine bioresources library that will store thousands of marine samples collected by researchers.

Western Australia’s marine ecosystems are facing unprecedented pressure from an increasing number of uses such as oil and gas extraction, tourism, aquaculture and large coastal developments.

Governments, industry and the community face bigger, more frequent and more rapid decisions relating to marine and coastal planning. Enhancing their ability to do so needs greater strategic understanding of our ocean environment.

WAMSI's 15 partners have built on a strong marine science capacity with more than 250 scientists working on 85 research projects.

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